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The Tsukuba Center Building is a complex facility in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, that includes the “Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba,” “Nova Hall,” “Tsukuba Innovation Plaza,” and “AI Mall.” In 1987, the project was completed. The iconic architecture of Tsukuba.

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When discussing Ibaraki’s architecture, the Tsukuba Center Building, as well as the work by the same designer, Art Tower Mito, is unavoidable. It is regarded as a “postmodern” home symbolic work, which is one of the architectural movements.

The open space serves as an outdoor event site for “Matsuri Tsukuba,” “Tsukuba Coffee Festival,” “Lantern Art,” “Tsukuba Craft Beer Fest,” “Food and Sake Tohoku Festival,” and other events throughout the year.

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On the other side, Aiaimall used to be a valuable restaurant location in the heart of Tsukuba, but with the opening of restaurants such as Bivi and Qt in the region, which is a symbol of Aiaimall, the number of customers continues to decline. When “Shakey’s” pulled out, all other eateries followed suit. There are currently corporate offices among the tenants.

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Arata Isozaki created the design. Tsukuba is home to a number of notable structures, one of which is a massive structure in the city’s center. Of course, opinions differ, but it is undeniable that its presence overshadows other structures.

The effort that included this work was examined in March 2019 and was awarded the Pritzker Prize for the 8th Japanese individual. “Art Tower Mito” is another Isozaki creation in Ibaraki Prefecture. Toyoo Ito of “Tsukuba Minami 3 Parking Lot” in Tsukuba City and Kazuyo Sejima of “JR Hitachi Station” and “Hitachi City Hall” in Ibaraki Prefecture will both receive Pritzker Prizes.

Tsukuba Center Building | Arata Isozaki | Jacome | Flickr

Arata Isozaki is one of the few architects who has earned the title of “master.” The event (Kenzo Tange was the best work) became a hot topic in society at the time, since it worked under “Kenzo Tange,” who was the most active in the world in Japan, and became independent at the design competition of the current Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. That’s exactly what I did.

He was well-known as an architectural thinker in addition to his work as an architect. When I was a student, I used to read this person’s book, but it was too tough to comprehend. I used to believe that it was an architect’s responsibility to construct a structure, but this work reminds me that architecture is a collaborative effort.

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Simply described, “postmodern architecture” is an architectural style that combines previous styles. Tokyo. In his book, Arata Isozaki was always cognizant of “ruined building.” This structure’s design likewise suggests a damaged drawing. Will the structure, like the Parthenon in Greece, best exemplify his architectural philosophy that it will someday become a ruin?

Ironically, the Tsukuba Center Building, which captures ruins as the ultimate ideal, is still standing, but the surrounding structures are in the process of becoming “ruins.” The Seibu Tsukuba store and Cleo, both of which had been serving as central facilities in Tsukuba since around the same period, were forced to close. Right-headquarters on’s building was sold, and the company’s offices were relocated to Tokyo.

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Tsukuba’s Okura Frontier Hotel:

Tsukuba Center Building’s major building is the Okura Frontier Hotel. It is made up of Annex Tate that runs parallel to the main building and the promenade. The city’s only city hotel, it offers singles, twins, doubles, junior suites, and suites in a variety of sizes. An indoor pool is available at the Annex Tate. VIPs are frequently employed in Tsukuba’s various international research institutes and corporate research institutes. So far, many international conferences have been organized, including the G7 Ministers of State for Science and Technology Summit in 2018. The Tokyo Olympics are expected to have a housing scarcity in the city center, according to reports. It will also serve as an accommodation base for Olympic spectators due to its proximity to Tokyo.

Address: Japan, 〒305-0031 Ibaraki, Tsukuba, Azuma, 1 Chome − 1- 0 −1


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